Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just What I NEEDED!!!

Just what I needed...

Zach and I just took a short little trip to Seymour Indiana. After feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted it was seriously just what I needed and couldn't have come at a better time. Not that I would have picked Indiana as my first choice to go for a little getaway...but it was perfect nonetheless.

So why Indiana??

That will have to come later on...hopefully soon! ;)
So we flew into Indiana Tuesday evening...rented our little tiny go cart...and drove the rest of the way to Seymour.

Zach HATED being in this tiny thing but it was like $30 cheaper so I said suck it up! ;)
We had to put our camera on our suitcases for this picture. As we were doing it someone shouted from their car..."Hey ya'll...want me to pull over and take your picture for you?" It was so freakin sweet but we already had our sweet set up so we didn't take them up on it. The people there were SO nice!!
We had no idea what to expect of the town or place. I was expecting bigger but it was this cutest little town with the NICEST of people. Zach was wanting to move there!!! It was beautiful green country and just a fun and chill little environment.

We woke up Wednesday morning and Zach had a short agenda.

The rest of Wednesday Zach was so sweet and let me shop for a few hours at an outlet mall that was nearby. He was so patient as he always is and I had a blast because I love shopping! Not that I even got tons of stuff but it is just fun. Zach can't comprehend how it is any fun...but he was a great sport. He even went to a little antique store with me! :)

The best part of it all was just relaxing and having no time schedule whatsoever. We didn't have to hurry back to make Dakota's food or get him into bed. Didn't have to get up in the night or get up early. I finally got some good sleep and it felt amazing!!

Zach and I got to spend a lot of quality time together and that is what we definitely needed too. We swam in the pool, ate A LOT of good food, cuddled, ate, laughed, and just relaxed. It was so perfect and MUCH needed.

We were excited to get back to Dakota and my sweet parents who came from AZ to visit and watch him for us. We are so grateful for our wonderful families who help us so much and let us get away without having to worry. I think Dakota had a lot of fun without us!
They enjoyed the veggies out of our garden while they were here...too hot in AZ right now to grow anything!

I don't think he was even missing us with that smile! ;)

Papa making Dakota do "a little" work while I was gone.

Telling Dakota what a good boy he is I'm sure!

Snuggle time

My parents bought him a brand new cowboy hat and cut off the back of it so that he could still wear it...It's a little hard to wear a cowboy hat when the back of your head is always touching something. It was SOOO cute and sweet of them and doesn't he look still like the world's cutest cowboy!!
He used to wear his other hat Nana and Papa gave him EVERYWHERE...until Zach accidentally left it on top of the car...sad day!

Papa took him out for walks and to pick the vegetables in the garden.

He loves his Papa!
(as you can tell Nana was the one behind the camera the whole time...she worked so hard while we were gone and we came back to such a clean house!)
Thank you mom and dad for EVERYTHING!!!
I'm a little more sane because of it! :)



  1. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and am so touched by your love and courage. I know that it must be so hard to face the trials that you have but you seem like such a wonderful mom and wife. May Heavenly Father bless you and your sweet family.

  2. Your strength is such an inspiration