Monday, September 24, 2012

I LOVE this kid!!!

Some days are SO much better then others...and what makes ALL the difference is THIS smile!!
and this one...
and this one...

and this one...

and especially these two together!!
Grammy and Poppy have this magic swing that Dakota loves. It gets not just a smile, but a laugh EVERY time!!

 Today was one of Dakota's HAPPY days. One where the smiles and laughs just came without much effort. These days are like GOLD to Zach and I because they don't come super often and it brings a whole different spirit, feeling, vibe, EVERYTHING to our house! I didn't even want to put him to bed tonight because I didn't want this day to end. I hope and pray that tomorrow will be the same but honestly I don't EVER know what the next day could be tears for the three of us or it could be AMAZING! I always hope and pray for the smiles....that is what most of my prayers for Dakota consist of these days. Of course I still pray that he will get stronger, more coordinated, able to communicate, swallow and breathe better, be himself again, but I NEVER forget to pray for his smiles and for him to be HAPPY!! If that's ALL I ever got back was just his smiles every day...I would die a happy lady!

Dakota and his birthday present he loved from his cousins Andrew and Evan!

Even his nurse for school said today was one of his most happy days at school. She said that he smiles more this year in a day then he did the whole year last year. She also says he cries more then last year too so maybe he is just beginning to be more expressive with what he likes and dislikes. Not sure, but he is making some friends and that makes me VERY happy. Today there was a train of boys that LOVED to follow him around in the wagon.
(SO grateful for his awesome nurses that capture these moments for me...does my heart good!)

In each class there is a "typical" developing kid (basically means they don't have any special needs, they are just a perfectly healthy developing child) to be a model for the other kids. Today the nurse said that this particular boy told her, "I like Dakota. I want to do everything with him." Dakota probably doesn't even realize it but I LOVED to hear that. So happy that he is making friends and that he is loved by SO many!!!
Hangin with his friend Gia that came with her grandma to help us with therapy...taking a short break before more work begins. TOO cute!

Cousin Maelee LOVED sitting with Dakota in his stroller! ;)
Dakota got to ride Snowflake again!!! My brother Ty came down to Ogden to rope and brought Snowflake with him. Dakota was in heaven as him and mommy rode and rode!!


  1. LOVE that smile!! The picture of the boys riding their bikes behind Dakota's wagon is too cute...can you even imagine how much Dakota is teaching and influencing them in positive ways that will affect them for the rest of their lives?!

    I know you have done this before, but it would be so interesting to see an 'updated' day for Dakota (and you)! I hope and pray those extra happy days continue to come more and more often...Go Dakota! :)

    p.s. When I tried to watch the video, I got the message, "This video is private" I the only one this happened to?

  2. Look at that smile. Melts my heart! Xo.

  3. Such cute pictures. Hes surrounded by such wonderful people no wonder he is smiling ;) Such a lovely family. I enjoy seeing updates. You all are growing beautifully together.
    ps. The video does say "private" for me aswell:(

  4. Those are the best pictures! I loved that video.

    I wanted to mention to you hemisync music in helping with sleep, concentration, etc. I know you mentioned that sometimes he still doesn't sleep well. At my job at a rehab center we have many different patients ranging from TBI, autism, severe ADHD, etc. These hemisync CDs are used quite a bit in the clinic and a lot of parents use them at home too with success. Here is a link to testimonials and their site.

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  6. These pictures of him on the horse with you and/or your dad always choke me up, but make me smile!! You guys are the sweetest family ever!