Friday, August 23, 2013

Why WE Love Dakota…Emmi

Emmi…where do I even start?! Emmi entered our lives several months after Dakota’s accident. Dakota was chosen to be a part of the Western Wishes Organization…a wish kid type organization that is just for cowboys and cowgirls…so OBVIOUSLY Dakota fit right in!!

She was one of the few amazing people that helped out with this organization that we were privileged to meet and Dakota captivated her heart from the very beginning.

She has loved Dakota and always spoken about him like the little cowboy he IS and not once was. Even though he can’t ask to wear his cowboy boots or throw his hat on anymore…she saw the cowboy inside of him and has always treated him just like any other kid…not a kid with a disability. She would tell him that when he grew up he and Stoan (her son) were going to be team roping partners. I know that is something so simple but it meant the world to me!!

She has been an amazing friend to me and she continues to amaze me with her strength, humor, and realness. If you have never checked out her blog it is She can ALWAYS make me laugh!!

clip_image002 2013-08-17 07.52.59
                   Sweet Emmi                                     Her cute boys Stoan and Lake

Here is what she had to say:

Dakota has a way of creating PEACE around him. From the moment I first met Dakota, he put my anxious soul at rest. It was as though I was able breathe in life for what it was in that moment. I know probably many who have met this little guy feel the same, but I knew that Dakota had something  that I needed. Peace. He gave it so willingly. He shares the fruits of his spirit to any and all who are privileged enough to know him. He is that of a WARRIOR. Pleased with so little, yet gives so much. The things I cherish most about this little cowboy are the lessons he teaches Stoan, Lake and myself.......without saying a word.

When I look at Dakota and interact with him, I am reminded so gently of this simple truth....There is more! There is more to life than what we see! We are only passing through and this life is so temporary. Thank goodness, right?

Might I add, He is stunningly handsome and the soft skin on his cheeks is quite yummy. =)

Thank you Emmi for being you and for loving my cowboy like you do your own!!

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