Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why WE Love Dakota…Pam

I asked darling Pam to write about Dakota because she is one of the few people that new Dakota both before AND after the accident. She has ALWAYS been so cute to him and has loved him so much! I still remember the first day (several months after Dakota’s accident) that we decided to start taking him back to church. It was a VERY hard decision and there was a lot of anxiety about how it would go. As sacrament meeting got over, we stood up to walk out and Pam was right there to say hello and to see Dakota. She then, leaned over and kissed his face.

Now that may not sound like that big of deal but it was HUGE to Zach and I. It meant she wasn’t afraid of him because he was different now and she truly has had this most pure love for him every day since. She has even shared so much of him with her two girls that they love him just as much. Dakota is even Sadie’s boyfriend!! ;)

Pam and her cute family

Here is what she had to say about Dakota:

Happy birthday Dakota!! Tessie, thanks for inviting me to share a little bit about sweet Dakota for your blog readers.

First of all, the first time I met Zach and Tessie, I thought they were the most beautiful people and I just couldn't wait to see what their future baby was going to look like. When Tessie announced she was pregnant, I was super excited! I remember telling her that I pictured her baby to have really dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. Boy was I wrong, Dakota came out with light color hair, beautiful fair skin, and the most gorgeous big blue eyes I had ever seen! I just adored watching them be first time parents! Little did I know this sweet new baby would grow up to teach me and my family many things.

I remember very vividly the Sunday before Dakota's accident. I was walking down the hall trying to gather my kids up and dodging the crowd when I decided to back up and say hi to Dakota for a minute. He was just coming out of nursery and happy as can be to be with his Daddy. I touched his hand and spoke to him and he looked right into my eyes before being shy and looking away. So thankful I stopped that day to talk to him.

That following week, I remember my husband receiving a text message from Zach. By the look of his face, I knew something was wrong. He got choked up as he read the text to me about Dakota. It was heart wrenching to hear, and we immediately prayed for Dakota, and never stopped including him in our prayers. Dakota taught my young little girls what it meant to truly love someone who was not in their family and to pray for someone to get well. They prayed for him every day. They asked about him every day. And they still do!! He holds a very special place in our hearts and have shown us that he will never stop fighting. We love you Dakota!! Sadie says she wants to hear you sing again!

Love Pam

Pam thank you so much for being a part of Dakota’s birthday month and for loving him SO much!!

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