Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why WE Love Dakota…Lori

I asked Lori to be a part of Dakota’s birthday month because he stole her heart when she was his bus aid his first year of preschool. I still remember the day she stopped by to tell me with tears in her eyes how much Dakota has touched her life. She was doing a long term subbing position on his bus and it was coming to an end. It melted my heart to hear how much she had come to love him just from being on a short bus ride with him and how sad she would be to not be on his bus anymore!

Lori has such a huge heart and has always been so sweet to Dakota and our family! She often times would drop by a Toy Story book or little toy that she found…just because she thought Dakota might like it! She has become a dear friend to us and I we love her to pieces!!

Lori with her husband and 2 of her 6 cute kiddos!

Here is what she had to say:

When I was lucky enough to be Dakota's aide on his school bus, he caught my eye because of how cute his mom dressed him and did his hair. As an aide on a school bus, you don’t get to see most of the special needs kids dressed very well.

When I looked in his eyes  I saw a piece of heaven on Earth. Every time, to this day, when I look at him I am over whelmed by the spirit off the man upstairs. The most important lesson that I have learned from Dakota is as follows. I have treasure box days on the bus, the kids get to pick out of it once a week. It is full of stamps, stickers, and toys. He taught me that all children, special needs or main stream, should be treated the same.

As my aiding came to an end on his bus, I couldn't stand the thought of him not having treasure box, sticker, or stamp day anymore. So I went to the store and bought him enough for the rest of the school year. He taught me all kids of his capability and others with other conditions know what is going on around them. I saw that with the smile Dakota would give, or looking at his face, he was wishing to come back to a normal life.

I took what I had bought to his house and his sweet grandparents were there. While talking to them, I learned that Dakota was born a perfectly healthy baby. A terrible accident happened which left Dakota a special needs child. The biggest lesson he taught me would have to be; no one is promised to be perfect tomorrow, or even here on Earth tomorrow.

He taught me that we should treat people like they may never be the person they are today, or even here today. Everyone would be more accepted as perfect angels, no matter color, looks, capabilities, age, etc…
You see, I thought I was here to help Dakota to be treated “normal” but, in so many ways he came into my life to teach me lessons on this Earth. We need to be reminded of this every day. Hold your kids a little tighter, don’t fight about the petty things, love everyone you come across with all your heart. We need to be open minded because there are many lessons for all of us to keep learning in this life for the next life. Dakota you along with your parents are my heroes.

Thank you SO much Lori for being a part of Dakota’s birthday month and for always caring for him with such love and concern!!

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