Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to this incredible dad!!
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Word’s can’t express how grateful I am to have married a guy that loves his son so dang much! Before you get married you hope and dream of marrying a guy that will be the best dad to your unborn children. You may watch him around kids and think he will be good…but it’s not until you have your own kid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that you see REALLY what kind of dad he really is! Let’s be honest…none of us have any clue what parenthood is REALLY like until you have one of your own, ;)
From the moment Dakota came into the world…Zach has loved him like crazy!!
DSC_0763  2013-06-16 18.25.55
He was his light when Zach’s world became dark.
He has ALWAYS been his workin buddy!
 IMG_2145 IMG_3589
His snuggle buddy!
IMG_2726 2012-11-25 09.29.18
His best friend.
IMG_2086 DSC_0151 IMG_2497
Zach ADORES EVERYTHING about Dakota. He literally EVERY single day always says to me, “Look Tessie, come look at his cute face/smile.”

He is OBSESSED with holding his hands ALL the time!! The only good thing about Dakota’s accident for Zach is that he can’t pull his hand away and run away like any other 4 year old would do anymore! ;)
IMG_2672 2013-06-16 18.31.50
He is not the perfect parent, nor am I. We have our differences in parenting (mine are right of course ;)). We both reach our limits and become impatient BUT his love for Dakota surpasses ALL of his imperfections as a parent. There is NO doubt in my mind OR Dakota’s that his dad loves him and would do ANYTHING for him!
Zach always says, the main reason he wants to have financial success is that he wants to give Dakota the best life possible! He wants to be able to build him a home that is convenient and comfortable for him. He wants to buy him EVERYTHING he can that would make his hard little life the best it could ever be.

He truly is the best and Dakota and I are SO SO grateful to have him in our lives!!!

On this Father’s Day we are of course also SO SO grateful for our dads as well. I couldn't have hand picked 2 better men to have in our lives! There love and willingness to give ALL that they have to us is quite outstanding.

My cute dad is more of the silent type but you can sit next to him, hold his hand, and feel his love through his body and face for you! He is there if you need to talk with words of encouragement and love! He will give you the shirt off his back ANY day! He was always the one growing up to go to if you needed any money. You just ask, “dad could I have some money?” He would whip out his wad of cash he always had and ask how much and give you a little extra of what you said. If mom said no, you could always count on a yes from him! He could never say no to his 5 girls then or now!! ;) He would stay out hours at a time with us to open the chutes for us to practice roping or throw balls for us to practice our hitting. He jumped at these opportunities but never forced us to do them. To this day I know I could call him and he would come running, even though he is 13 hours away!! His love radiates all the way from AZ to UT!!
P1020425 P1020435
I sure love you dad!!! Thanks for always loving, supporting, and believing in me!!
Zach’s dad is nothing short of amazing as well! Zach’s cute mom had little papers for each of us to write our favorite thing about Doug. It was hard to choose just one, but the one thing that I have always loved about him is his desire to just give and serve. He will drop ANYTHING at ANY time if you called him and even gave him the slightest clue that you might need some help. He would be right at your doorstep. When you go to their home the minute you walk in the door he is asking you if he can get you a drink, some food, watch Dakota while you go do something. He wants everyone to be comfortable and happy before himself. He is also one amazing Poppy to his grandkids. I still smile at the day not long after Dakota was born, he just left his job in Layton (45 minutes away) for lunch time to drive all the way up to our house just to hold Dakota for a few minutes. He just loves being a grandpa and the kids all love him. He takes Dakota right out of our arms the minute we walk in the door. He offers to babysit all the time. He is just one great man and I’m so grateful that he has came into my life.
IMG_3165 2013-06-16 18.24.15
Sure love you Doug!!


  1. What a sweet post! Dakota is so blessed to have such a great dad (and mom) and what wonderful fathers you have in your life!! Happy for you!!

  2. I LOVE THIS! Dakota has been BEAUTIFUL from day one! Holy SMOKES! xo