Saturday, June 8, 2013

VeGAs with my iNVenToR MAn inventor man (aka: my husband, Dakota's dad, also known as Zach ;) ) and I went to Vegas in May for the National Hardware Show. Now what is this you are asking??

Well, last year when Zach tried out to be on the show Shark Tank for his invention (click here to read about it)...unfortunately he didn't get on! BOO! I never did an update on that (sorry) so here is how it ended. He tried out. They took him to the next level which meant he had to send in a video of his invention in action and a story about him.

Well, we all know we have a pretty dang good least I think so. A blind inventor with a brain injured child and a crazy can't make that stuff up! ;)

They had told him if you don't hear back in a couple of weeks then you didn't get on the show. Obviously, they don't have time to contact the thousands of people that try out to get on the show and tell them, sorry you didn't make it. Well about a week later he had an email from the guy he auditioned with. Exciting?! YES! 
Unfortunately (but cool at the same time that he would take the time to write Zach a personal email) he said. We really loved your invention and your story BUT we don't think a post hole digger is exciting enough and demanding enough for T.V.
Come on...what is not exciting about a post hole digger!! We got the point, but I'm not gonna lie...we were VERY disappointed! 

The one good thing about auditioning for the show is that we got to meet a lot of people like Zach who love to invent products. By talking to some people as we waited in the forever long line, Zach learned about the National Hardware Show. It had already taken place last year by the time he heard about it so this year he decided WHY NOT?! We have come this far!!

So, off for a road trip we went. I (of course) did all the driving...drinking LOTS of Diet Dr. Pepper and jamming to some Taylor Swift and Eric Church! 

We got their Monday early evening, just in time to set up our little booth!
We even brought our own UT dirt! ;)

Wala!! Beautiful!! Of course you gotta have some candy to top it off...chocolate! ;)

We TRULY had NO idea what we were in for. We had NO idea how big of a show it was. If anyone would really even come to the booth. If it would be worth the money and time we were putting into it.

First day...getting ready to see what was in store.

When we got there it was pretty overwhelming. It was at the Las Vegas Convention Center and it was HUGE!! Zach's booth was in a smaller room called the Innovation Station. It was cool to see all the different ideas and products people had there. Met some great people!
Outside the convention center, at the doors, innovation station entrance, and our sweet booth!

The hardware show lasted for 3 days. All 3 days were super busy. I had brought books and magazines thinking I would have all this down time to read and relax...never even opened a cover. 
There was a really consistent flow of people coming in from all different lines. Some big businesses trying to look at new ideas. Some small store owners that were also looking for items to stock on their shelves and to meet with the BIG vendors that were there for there products in the other parts of the show. Zach needed me to be his eyes and let him know if someone was checking out the post hole digger or just walking by since he can't tell by there facial expressions. Also, there were times where there would be mulitple people there wanting to check it out and while Zach was talking to one, I put on my best professional post hole digger face and did some demoing myself! ;)

I only wish we had a video camera to film ALL of the amazing responses Zach got from people that came over to get a demo on how to use his post hole digger. Also known as The Simp-Hole Digger!! ;) Because it is SIMPLE people!! There were SOOO many great compliments!

He has been working on it ever since we have been married so it's kinda old new to us. After so long you start to wonder...does anyone else think this is a good idea or is it just us?!

SOOOO many people LOVED it! We got many responses! "Why didn't I think of that?!" Where was this last year when I needed it!" "This is genius!" "This product is gonna go somewhere!" How much are you selling them for?" "Let me know when you get it on the market." "Did you think of this yourself?" "This is so innovative!"

It definitely gave Zach a confidence boost in his invention that he so rightly deserves! He is a such an innovative guy and I am SO SO proud to be his wife!

There were SEVERAL companies that were interested there and gave Zach their cards and took his info. It FINALLY got him in front of some of the biggest companies that he had been trying to get in front of himself but they don't really take the time to talk to ya. IT was SO worth the trip to go! We couldn't have asked for it to go any better!!

As of right now, there are 3 companies since the show that have called Zach and have asked for a sample and a release to look at his patent info. Now we are just waiting and praying that something great will happen. In all of this, Zach has always wanted to sell his idea or license it out to a bigger company that is already manufacturing hand tools since they would already be set up to take it on. It is way too hard and expensive for some Joe Schmo to try and get their 1 product into a big store.

So pray your little hearts out for him as well. We are trying not to get our hopes us too high but I so want Zach to find success in this because I have stood by him as he has spent SO much time, work, and money into this product that he loves!!! I know how much it means to him!

The majority of our time spent in Vegas was at the show or at a copy shop getting things ready or making more copies. We did have a little time to play of have to in Vegas!

It was both of our first times going there as adults and not kids so I'm not gonna lie...I was a little overwhelmed. I asked on Facebook where a good, clean place to stay would be and the amount of responses I got of things we need to do while we were in Vegas was out of control!

I so appreciated all the info but kinda felt overwhelmed on trying to pick and choose what to do when there was such little time! And let's be honest...I was most excited to sleep through a full night as I always am when I have a little "mom" break! My sweet mom flew up to take care of Dakota while we were gone. Thank you mom!!!

We had to get up early every morning so usually after dinner I was ready to go back to the hotel and go to bed! ;) I know I am lame!
We ended up staying at the South Point Hotel. It was off the strip, newer, and clean looking, so it won over the exciting other hotels! ;)

I still can't believe how big all the hotels are!

Zach "pretending" like he is lucky! LOL!!! ;)
We thought it would be fun to put a coin in and try our luck and then we realized we had no idea how to even play ANYTHING so we decided not to! :)

We went out on the strip a couple nights...ate some yummy food of course!
Ate at the CaboWabo at Planet Hollywood

Chowing down as we listen to a fun band!

All the lights!!

Check out this Pizza we got at the Stratosphere!!! And yes...I TOTALLY ate that whole thing and 1/2 of that GIANT bread stick sitting next to me!!

We wanted to go to at least one show while we were there but weren't sure what kinda show to go to so we went to The Variety Show at the V Theatre since it was a little bit of everything. So super fun!!!

As we waited in line for about an hour I SO thought we were outside until I saw this red balloon and realized we were inside. CRAZY!!

Did a little bit of Mother's Day shopping for me. I tried to limit my shopping experience since I know how much Zach loves it...not at all! But he was a good sport and let me check out a few stores I had never been to before!

Next trip to Vegas will have to be all for fun cuz there is SO much to do and we didn't even scratch the surface! But let's be real...we never really go on vacation unless their is a business purpose or family involved! ;)


  1. I am SO excited to read this post! I admire you both so much for taking a chance and making the most of this amazing opportunity. I wish I could add a certain picture with a caption on it that made me think of you and Zach, but I can't so I will share the best I can..."Sometimes you only available transportation is a leap of faith." --Margaret Shepard (with a drawing of a girl standing on a diving board, looking down, with clouds all around her :)
    Your sweet family is always in my thoughts and prayers, and will be praying that something wonderful will come out of all your effort and hard work with this endeavor, as well! {{hugs}}

    1. Jenell you always have the perfect saying, quote, story, or comment for EVERYTHING!! You are AMAZING to say the least! Thanks for supporting and loving us so much! Your prayers will definitely be thanks for keeping us in them! ;) Love ya!!

  2. So, I showed my husband the pics. He ran a landscaping company for 15 years when he lived in Texas and has all sort of tools and stuff in the garage for working on our yard. He said he would totally buy one if it were on the market. We'll be watching for it!!!

    1. Chantel thanks so much for the info! That is totally the feedback we got from the show! Anyone that has EVER used a posthole digger loved it and wanted one. We just need to get a company to manufacture! I will for sure update if it all goes through!!!