Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Day of School

  So since summer school is starting for Dakota next week I figured I better blog about his last day of school! ;)
First of all, I LOVED LOVED LOVED this year of school for him! I can’t say enough good things about his teacher Miss Kari!
She was AMAZING with Dakota to say the least. She was SO SO SO involved with him, hands on, carrying him, on the floor with him, racking her brain on how to help him. She really went above and beyond for him. I was SO worried that he wouldn’t have many friends this year since there were only like 1 or 2 girls in his class and they were only there on 1 of the days Dakota was there…but the boys stepped it up this year and there were 2 boys in particular that REALLY took a liking to Dakota and took it upon themselves to be his friends, helpers, and protectors!
The nurse sent me a couple pictures of his sweet little buddy helping him sing and act along with everyone else.
2013050395100033 2013050395100035
We were sad to say goodbye but luckily Heavenly Father answered my prayers and softened the heart of the head district special needs lady and she allowed Dakota to stay in preschool 1 more year!! After our transition meeting for kindergarten where we discussed the pros and cons of Dakota going to Kindergarten (I really wanted him to stay in preschool one more year) the district lady decided she would let me choose. Everyone in the room was shocked. The principal of the Elementary even told me she had NEVER seen that happen in her 7 years! YAY!! So hopefully we will have Ms. Kari again!!!
We LOVED his bus drivers too! They are SO SO sweet to Dakota!20130226_091208
Look at that happy face!!
Here are a few shots of his last day!
  20130514_085801 20130514_085931
Got his treats to give the bus drivers. Away he goes!!
Zach’s cute mom went to Dakota’s school one day to visit and captured a glimpse into his fun filled day! Thanks Vicki for getting all the pictures!
DSC_1770 DSC_1772
Doing some coloring with Ms Kari
His little buddy is helping! Dakota gets to choose by looking what color of crayon he wants.
His teacher made this helper chart with pictures of kids helping Dakota so that they would feel comfortable being around Dakota…so thoughtful!!
Dakota has a WIDE variety of chairs and places just for him.
Of course the trusty wheelchair that gets him to and from school on the bus. That’s about the only time he is in it.
His tomato chair with wheels. This is one of his cute nurses Robin! We love Robin!! He is line leader on the right! Such an important and highly esteemed job for a preschooler!!
DSC_1802 DSC_1800
His corner chair for circle time. Probably his least favorite chair since it makes him work the hardest and sitting up himself.
The Standard that lets him stand up like a big guy! It’s a lot of work but I think he likes being up and seeing everything around him!
And of course their is his sweet rides for gym and physical play time!
Just on my way to the gym!! How cute is this?!
Just playin with the kids!! It’s a rough life being pulled around! ;)DSC_1834
This picture cracks me up…that is his nurse Robin riding a trike next to him! LOL! Too cute!
They also put all these scooters together just for him!! I think he is in heaven! ;)
He even gets to go down the slide like the other kids! So sweet that they will help him do this!!
He has a mat when he is feeling like rolling and relaxin!
He likes story time most of the time. He especially liked a story where the doorbell rang. They let him use the IPAD to make the doorbell ring. He thought that was pretty cool!!
What a big helper!!

He enjoys snack time with the kids. Some days when he gets applesauce or pudding and the other kids get a cookie, he refuses to eat what he has and stares at the kids eating the cookies. The teachers finally figured out that he was wanting a cookie just like all the other kids so now he gets to suck on a cookie with them! ;) That’s my kid!! Loves his cookies like his mama!!
He gets lots of opportunity to make choices with pictures. He knows what he wants!!
This is how he feels about preschool most days! He has really enjoyed it this year and progressed so much. I look forward to another great year!
Until then, we will keep enjoying our summer! I love summer time!!
We have gone to the dollar movies and surprisingly this year he has really seemed to enjoy it. Usually by the end of the movie he is done but he has done really well!!
At the movies with our friends!!

We love playing outside and being with friends!!
Chelsea giving my arms a break! ;)

Ella...holding on to this big guy!

He is still going to therapy in Logan and is still LOVING this bike!!!! It is so fun!! Zach is gonna see if he can try and build one for Dakota to have for home. They are $4,000!!! YIKES!!
Until then…we will keep riding at therapy!!
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  1. This is SO great! Is such a blessing to have good nurses, that's why I became a nurse! SO exciting that he gets to stay in preschool another year! That is a HUGE deal for the district to allow! There are so many hoops to jump through with the district. Good luck with everything girl!


    1. Thank you Dani!! I can only imagine what an AMAZING nurse that you are!!!

  2. Pre-school looks like so much fun, I am glad he gets to stay another year. He is so darn cute.

  3. Sweet boy! So happy to hear he will have another year to be surrounded by such amazing and familiar teachers/staff who love him!! Love seeing that happy, little mug! {{hugs}}

    1. Thanks Jenell!! Hugs right back to you!!! When are you coming this way?! I need to see ya!!