Sunday, June 2, 2013

Taylor Swift

So we went to Taylor Swift concert last was pretty awesome! I LOVE country music and I LOVE Taylor Swift (even though her last album is a bit more on the pop side...I love ALL music). I feel like such a teeny bopper for liking her so much...especially since the seats all around us were filled with little elementary and teenage girls literally FREAKING out every time she came on stage, every song she sang. and ESPECIALLY when she walked RIGHT by us!! That's ok though...I don't mind being a teeny bopper. I have always just loved her music since she first started. She is such a good writer, super talented, great voice, and just an all around real, genuine, and cute girl. I should know since we are BFF's! ;) (she just doesn't know it yet!)

Last year we bought tickets from resale cuz Zach surprised me late notice. This year we planned ahead. We got on her email list so that we could get the pre-sale tickets and luckily we did because she sold out in the pre-sale. We had AMAZING seats this year and paid the exact same as we did last year for nose bleeds. We had no idea exactly how amazing our seats really were til we got there. We were the very first row on her left side before you get to the floor seats. We were so close to the stage this time I could actually watch her and see her eyes and everything instead of watching the big screen like last year.
Me and my hot date!
Where we are standing is right in front of our seats.

She put on an awesome show with dancers, effects, and the whole shebang. But she also played several songs with just her and her guitar or the piano and those were some of my favorite!!

Rockin it...GO TAYLOR!!

The best part was she went right through the aisle in front of us (between us and the floor seats) and I got to touch her! (I think she felt the connection between us...I'm sure she will be calling me soon! ;))We knew it was coming because they set up a rope to block anyone from going in the aisle at that part of the show and placed security along both sides like every few feet. The little girls around us were FREAKING out and I was pretty excited to say so myself. I got a video of all the action! ;)

It was such a fun date night with Zach. He hated country music when we met but I have brought him over and he really does like Taylor Swift too. He enjoyed the show even though he was thinking about his inventions the whole time! ;)

3 of my favorite things...Zach, Taylor, and ice cream!!! I tried sharing it with Taylor but she was more interested in Zach I guess!!! ;)

Just hangin with my BFF's. We were having SO much fun! ;)

Right when we got there to stand in the forever long line Taylor was there to give me some of her diet coke!! Isn't she so sweet! ;)
(I know I'm a TOTAL dork!) ;)

P.S. I'm no fashion blogger by any means but I got those AWESOME black little lace shorts (called Mollies)  that are under my dress from the AMAZING Jillie Willie. They are SO perfect for all those dresses or skirts that are just a little too short! ;) (Just thought they were worth sharing! ;) )


  1. I am so glad you got to go, how fun! I'm sure if Taylor knew you, you would for sure be BFF's. Who wouldn't love you.