Thursday, June 27, 2013

He IS doing AMAZING!!!

This cute little boy in this picture with Dakota made my WHOLE month!!!

He is our neighbor a couple doors down that is SUPER friendly in fact if you don't answer the door when he knocks he will walk right in! He even walked in on some other neighbors one morning and woke them up! ;) He is so stinking funny though.

If you are outside and he sees you, he comes running and says, "Hey my other friends!" We are known as his friends and the mom and the dad.

He is also a great worker and will pull my weeds for 1 cent a weed! ;) He gets to count all the ones that I pull with him cuz "I am helping HIM!" ;) I guess at that rate I can afford it! :)

He is curious about Dakota and will ask questions every so often but he never really interacts with him too much. He mostly talks with Zach and I.

The other day he came over and we were in the family room talking with Dakota. Dakota was smiling up at him the whole conversation and it made him smile. He looked at me and with the purest sincerity he said, "He  looks awesome today." This was the best compliment I have EVER heard. This little boy wasn't looking at what Dakota was wearing or his trach...he saw something about Dakota that was different inside of him that was shining through. He noticed the little changes that Zach and I had been seeing and in complete simplicity said it so perfectly!!

Dakota DOES look awesome these days...more awesome then normal. Ever since we got back from AZ towards the end of May there has been an amazing and hard to explain difference in him. He is happier, he is more responsive, he looks at you with more attention and understanding. He is progressing and continuing to amaze me!

Even his dentist who we just saw who hasn't seen him for 6 months noticed. He said, he looks so much better (and he wasn't talking about his teeth)!

We are SOOO in love with him and the progress he is making. Zach and I just said today again, IF he were to all the sudden be back to his old self, we of course would be ecstatic BUT we would miss SOOOO much about the boy he is today!

He is truly the light in our little lives!! Keep it up Dakota! Mom and Dad are soooo proud of you!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hooray!! Thank you for being one of his cheerleaders!!!

  2. I'm not sure how I ran across your blog but wanted to say hello. Dakota is adorable. He reminds me of my little guy. :-) love reading your blog!

    1. Hello to you!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and share. I too think he is adorable BUT he is mine so I have to say that! Your little guy must me just as fabulous! Thanks for reading!!

  3. This made me happy. I adore so many things about this little story!

    1. Thanks Sarahn! It seriously made ME so so so happy! Thanks for always reading and leaving your cute, sweet, comments! Means so much to me!!! Love ya!

  4. THAT MELTS MY HEART!!! I'm so glad he could see the AWESOME boy we see! That is such a cute story!