Monday, October 4, 2010


So a few months ago Dakota started singing some of the ABC's. He knew bits and pieces and with help he could do pretty good. It kinda suprised me when he started though because I really haven't done a whole lot with teaching them to him. He just kinda picked it up from hearing it every once in awhile. Well, he started getting better and better and then about three weeks ago he was sitting on the pot and we were just filming him cuz he was being silly...then Zach asked him to sing the ABC's for the camera and he sang the whole freaking thing without any help. It was amazing. Both Zach and I gave each other the look... "what the heck," you know the look. Since then he just sings it all the time. His favorite is to call people just to sing it to them. Just tonight he has called four people just to sing to them. He is pretty proud of himself. So if you ever wanna here him sing it you'll probably have to give him a call because he does get a little shy on the spot if there is a crowd staring at him. I can't take any credit for it really cuz I didn't do anything special. He is just a smart little boy and suprises us every day with what he knows and does. I know every parent thinks their kid is so smart but I really think he is! :) You can just add me to the list of one of those proud parents. :)

We are so proud of you Dakota! You are the smartest little boy we know! Thanks for making each day so much fun and so full of suprises! We love to watch you grow and learn, but I want you to stay my baby FOREVER!!

A couple of other things I need to write about my cute little boy I don't want to forget is awhile back he started copying what I say to him, "Guess what?" Except he didn't understand that you need to have something to say after that, so he would just constantly repeat, "Mommy, guess what? Me: What? Dakota: Guess what?" over and over and over. Just recently he started to understand that he needs to have something to say, so now his favorite line when it's time to go to bed is, "Mommy, guess what?" and then whatever comes to his mind. A lot of times its "I see animals" (talking about the circus). Tonight it was "Snowflake (our horse) is scared of the dogs." The funny part is he will keep saying guess what and something hoping that it will distract me and he won't have to go to bed. It usually gives him a couple of minutes to spare because I love to hear what he has to say.

The other cute thing he did the other day was he started calling me "honey" like I call him. He just kept repeating, "honey, honey, honey."

I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING this age right now. Everyone calls it the terrible two's but so far it has just been a blast. I mean sure we have our moments, don't get me wrong...but for the most part he is such a blast. He can carry on conversations with me and understand what I'm talking about. He has such a sense of humor and likes to try and scare me like his daddy. He is getting an imagination and plays so cute. He is just soooo much fun to be around and makes us laugh every day!!!

We love you buddy!
He LOVES glasses and he found this sweet pair in the store. Couldn't resist! :)

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