Friday, October 29, 2010

End of Birthday Week

So I know I am a little behind on this but my motto is: Better late then never...right?! At least that makes me feel good! :)

So the rest of Zach's birthday week was AWESOME!! His cute grandparents took us to lunch at Olive Garden...which is always amazing! We had so much fun with them.

We ended the week with a big bang with a couple's sleepover party with our friends at Jordan's grandpa's condo up in Eden. It was Steve's birthday too so we just combined the party for them both and had a blast. We stayed up so late playing games, talking, and snacking. Zach is not a big gamer but he was a good sport and played all the games...and I know deep down he really loved it! ;)

Here are some fun pics of our LONG and CRAZY night!
This is how the night started out. Boys just chilling watching something on T.V. and chatting while us girls got the food all ready for a yummy dinner of pulled pork sandwiches.

Here's all the girlies!

The birthday cake that Steve ordered. How funny is that?!

Birthday boys!!

Sleeping situation...The condo had three AMAZING beds that we played a round of paper, rock, scissors to see who got them. I was getting REALLY lucky that night and won Zach and I the master bedroom. The other three couples had blow up mattresses on the floor. Luckily the condo was big and could fit us all in there.

The whole gang the next morning after our yummy breakfast. I think we were all still half asleep from our late night.

It was so much fun though...we had some great laughs all night and even the next day! Thanks Jordan and Steve for planning it all. Thanks Doug and Vicki for watching Dakota. The cute grandparents that they are took him to go see Toy Story 3 at the theatre since he has a little obsession with Buzz Lightyear right now. I know he didn't miss us for a second but we missed him!!


  1. It was a fun weekend wasn't it? I hope Zach had a great birthday partay!!

  2. Oh we have such a GOOD TIME, like ALWAYS!! Glad you guys were able to come, it wouldn't of been the same without you! Zach was a good sport about the games.. hope Zach had the BEST birthday yet! :)