Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I am an official member of a bunco team, squad, group, league...whatever you wanna call it. I played my first time with this awesome group (besides being a sub once) on Thursday night and it was a blast!! The best part about it all is the fun girls, the amazing goodies, and of course the prizes. I went that night with full intentions on walking away with the grand prize (I am very competitive :) ) but unfortunately I didn't win anything except best costume (we dressed up in Halloween costumes to be festive ya know)...which hey that counts for something right?!

Before I reveal what I was to win this grand prize, I want all of my millions of readers out there (that's a joke) to guess what they think I am...

You better have guessed a dang's totally obvious! :)
So I first got this brilliant idea of being a Q-tip back in college. Me and some friends were going to a Halloween party and you know in college all the girls gotta try and dress cute and sexy (at least they think) to impress the fellas (there's always the sexy cat, angel, cowgirl, you know what I'm talking about...maybe you were one of them. j/k) So me and my awesome friend Ashley thought, what is the sexiest costume of all?!
Q-tip of course! :) I mean don't I look so hot?! Except Ashley and I went ALL out! We painted our faces white and wrapped our entire bodies in blue saran to really distinguish the Q-tip look. We had a blast.
So needless to say when I found out I had to dress up and I didn't want to spend any money, I only had twenty minutes to get ready, what did I turn to...the trusty Q-tip. And heck, it even won me a prize! :)
The best part of it all was Zach and I trying to figure out how to keep the batting on my head. I couldn't remember what I had done before so Zach was just taking the scotch tape to my head like there was no tomorrow. It was pretty comical. He was a great sport!

Our Bunco group!!!
(I'm trying to clean Amber's ear but I couldn't get close enough :) )

Thanks so much Chantell for being a great host, especially when you are having a baby within three weeks. You are the woman!!


  1. I did guess a q tip! That is hillarious. I can picture Zach now taping you head. Too funny!

  2. You crack me up!!! ha ha. Sorry I comment on just about every single post, I just love that you are writing and want to keep encouraging you and let you know I actually read your posts! ; )