Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ohhhh Relief Society

Alright, so last night was our wards relief society meeting. I had forgotten about it until my awesome neighbor Terra asked me if I was going. She told me we were supposed to bring something that has strengthened our faith, and so on.

So to be completely honest life has been a little too crazy and busy and I'm not gonna lie but I probably have let my house become the dirtiest house on the planet. So finally yesterday Zach and I had discussed that we can't live another minute like this and that Tuesday (yesterday) was gonna be our day to clean it. Well, we were gone for most of the day and it was already evening time and we still hadn't done a thing. So as 7:00 (time for relief society) was rolling around, I was a little overwhelmed with the house cleaning I needed to get done, Dakota was a little whiny and needy because he hardly napped because we were gone all day, and Zach was not in the best mood and wasn't wanting me to go because of all we had to do. To be completely honest, I was not that excited to go either. Now if we were doing a craft or something super fun it is sad to say but I would have had a completely different attitude. I hate to admit that but that was how I was feeling, which is exactly why I forced myself to go. I said because I don't want to go, is why I am going. Obviously I need a little spiritual boost because I have such a poor attitude. Zach is on this little kick of forcing himself to do everything that he doesn't want to do. It has been kind of nice because I can ask him to do things and it forces him to do it. :) Example: Me: Hey Zach will you take this out to the garbage? Zach: I don't want to so now I have to. (and he does it) Not that he wouldn't do things before, but it is cute how he has such a good attitude about doing things he doesn't want to do. It has been a great example to me... So anyways, that got me thinking about not wanting to go and forcing myself to do it.

So, I ended up going and am so grateful that I was AMAZING!! Obviously Heavenly Father knew that I needed it. This amazing lady in our stake came and spoke to us about faith in Christ, strengthening our own faith and testimonies to help us through our lives and trials. Now I'm not a huge crier (You can ask Zach. He knows when I do cry it's a big deal and he always gets a little worried when I do. :) )but the spirit she brought was so strong, I couldn't help it. After she got done we all went around and shared what we has brought that has strengthened our faith in Christ. Now I have to tell you that I am in the best ward ever and we have the most amazing woman in our ward so it was so powerful and neat to hear each person share their experiences. Everyone was just so real and it strengthened me to see what trials and things others have been through that have brought them closer to their Saviour. So often, I think it is easy to think man, why is life so hard for me and everyone else has it so easy but that is never true, we just don't always see the trials others are going through. I have learned so much through our trials and although every day Zach and I dream about a day when life will be a breeze and there will be no worries, I really am grateful for what we have had to endure because it has brought me closer to my Saviour and has helped me become a better and stronger person because of it. I could hardly even talk when it was my turn to share because I was being such a bawl baby so I'm not sure that anything I said was understood but it was great for me to have to think about for myself what has strengthened my faith and testimony in Jesus Christ.

So anyways, I left relief society last night so grateful that I had gone, thankful for the spirit that I felt, thankful for my faith in my savior, thankful for the wonderful woman of our ward, and just thankful for my many blessings!!

So, if you are ever feeling like not going to relief better go, because that is when you will get the most out of it! :)


  1. WOW!! I wish I could get my butt to go. I feel the same way.. TOO MUCH TO DO! Thanks for writing this, I needed the hear it and I need to do better from here on out. You're a great example Tess! Love ya girl and the GNO's were GREAT! See ya next weekend!! :)

  2. Tessie we love you and thanks for coming last night we think the world of you!!!

  3. So glad you came! You and your family are wonderful! Thanks for sharing, it was great!

  4. I'm glad you have great people to surround yourself with! I just can't picture you crying, but then again I can. Powerful stuff like that can over come us that's for sure. That's kind of how I get when I think about my breakup, so grateful it happened and why I was so lucky to have had it happen to me when it did - I'll never know, but it is the best blessing I could've ever gotten. Someone was definitely looking after me and that's an amazing feeling. Just saying. ;) Love you girl. Stay close to those people!

  5. Thank you for this! I need a relief society lesson like that!