Friday, October 29, 2010

September LOVE

So I know it is the end of October but like I said in my last post...Better Late then Never. September we had three AMAZING weddings in three weeks that I don't wanna forget. It was a little busy with all three going on so close but they were so great!

The first one was Zach's cute sister Jenny marrying a great guy, Bobby. The wedding was at Zach's parent's backyard and was SO beautiful. Jenny was such a gorgeous bride and she made a ton of the decorations, butineers (no idea how to spell that), wrist bands, etc. She did such a great job it made me want to get married all over again with new colors, new decorations, new dress, EVERYTHING! It was all so dang cute. We are so happy for her and Bobby and love them both and so much. Bobby also has a little girl named Olivia that is so fun. We are excited to have a new niece and a new cousin for Dakota!
Our little family at the wedding. Look at those handsome boys! :) Dakota got to be the ring bearer and did such a great job. I was SO nervous that he wouldn't do it or that he would start crying or whatever. With a two year old...anything could happen. But before he went down Bobby had shown him that he had some fruit snacks. So we kept telling him, take this box to Bobby and he will give you some fruit snacks...bribing always works! :) He totally did it and as soon as he handed him the box he put his hand right up to Bobby and just stood there until he gave him the fruit snacks. Then he wanted to just stand right there in the front and eat them all, so we had to coax him back over to us. He did so good though and looked so cute in his little outfit!

Bobby and the little boys. SO cute!

Jenny and the boys!

Dakota stealing a kiss from the bride! Lucky boy!

The next weekend was my brother Ty's wedding. He married a girl named Heather from Duschane Utah so we didn't have to go very far for the wedding and we got to have all my family come up to us. He found him the perfect girl, just right for him! She is so beautiful and tall so maybe we will get some height in this short little family. She is such a great girl and we are so excited to have another sister! Five girls is not enough already! :) They got married in the Mt. Timpanogas temple and had the reception in her backyard. It was all so beautiful and it was so fun to have my family here and get to see them all! I missed some of my nieces and nephews that didn't get to make the trip because of their mean parents! :) J/K

Sister's and the cute couple

This picture is so fun because we had a picture taken like this when we were way young. Since he is the only boy in the family he got to lay across our laps. He was a good sport! :)

At the dinner after the wedding. Some of my sisters and my cute niece Logan!

Our little fam at the reception the next night.

My grandma, mom, and sisters. 3 generations!

Sister shot! We had a sister photo shoot if you can't tell! :) It was so fun to all be together.

Sexy butts! Annie's didn't make it in this pic cuz she was wearing a dress instead of jeans.
(yes, we are dorks)

More sister pics :)

This is how it really was...we thought we were soooo funny! (and of course we are) Sister's are the BEST! I don't know what I would do without them.

The night between the wedding and the reception we all got to stay in this huge cabin that was a friend of my aunts. It was between where the wedding and the reception was so it was perfect. It was so fun to have our whole family together. I love those times! Zach and I both are so blessed to have such amazing families.

Wedding #3 was one of my GREAT friends from going to school up in South Dakota, Karen. She was one of the few LDS young adults in the area and we became such great friends. Our institute up their consisted of like eight of us in the whole college so we all got to know each other pretty well. She is such an amazing girl and I am so happy that she found her "EC" (eternal companion). I know that sounds so dorky but it was kinda an inside joke for us! :) Lucky for me her husband is from Salt Lake City so they got married up here and I got to go to their sealing and reception. They make such a cute couple! Love you Karen!

The newlyweds! (Sorry the lighting was horrible)

Weddings are SO great! What great memories to have. Congrats to you all!!!


  1. Oh I LOVE weddings!! That would be crazy to have that many so close. It is so fun to see pics of you and your sisters, since the first/last time I saw them was at your wedding.. Oh how that brings back memories!! :)

  2. Tessie, Sisters are the Absolute BEST!! My family looks just like yours! 1 brother that married the greatest girl ever...So now there are 6 girls (including me) Who are my sisters and my best friends! Aren't we lucky? So fun to see you all together... :)

  3. Happy to know about your wedding and hope you enjoyed a lot. Few months ago, I arranged my sister’s wedding at one of best San Francisco venues and invited all our family and friends for this event. We all enjoyed a lot there.