Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grammy & Poppy Days

So Dakota has the BEST grandparents in the whole world! Both my parents and Zach's are so sweet and cute with him and he just loves them to death!
So this last summer Zach's mom Vicki decided to start having "grammy days" with Dakota once a week. She teaches preschool during the school year so she doesn't have as much free time as she does in the summer so she wanted to take advantage of her grammy time. It is SOOO cute how much Zach's parents LOVE being grandparents. I hope when I have grandchildren I am as cute as they are. They will drop ANYTHING for their grandkids.
Well, Vicki had last Friday off for UEA and so Doug (Zach's dad) decided to take off work too so they could have a "grammy and poppy" day and sleepover with Dakota and Houston (Zach's sister Ashley's baby). Of course Dakota was more then thrilled. As soon as they showed up I told him they were here and asked him if he was going to have a fun day with them. His response: "Yeah. Bye Mommy." He could have cared less about me...it was grammy and poppy!!!
Vicki is ALWAYS so good to take her camera and snap pictures all the time which is great for me because I am so bad at it. So here are some fun pics from their day...
His face says it all!

Going down the slide with Houston!

My Grammy!

Going for a walk!

Climbing on Poppy!

Where did Poppy go???

More fun pics of other grammy and poppy days:

They got this sweet tractor for the grandkids to ride.

Helping Poppy work!

Snuggling with grammy!

More snuggles!

Going for a bike ride with grammy!

Riding in style!

We are so lucky to have such a fun grammy and poppy!
We love you guys! Thanks for all you do!

Funny/Sweet Moments:
(I'm gonna start adding these to the end of some of my blogs to help me write down and remember all the little things that make being a mom so much fun and so I don't forget them...I don't have the best memory. :) )

1. So Zach LOVES to scare people, anyone, anywhere. He often hides around the house and scares me on a pretty regular basis. He has started to do it with Dakota and they hide together and scare me. Real funny...I know. So today for the first time Dakota scared me all by himself. I was in my closet putting clothes away and I could hear him walking around looking for me. Then all the sudden he screamed and really did scare me in the doorway. It was so funny he thought to do it by himself and did a really good job at it. It was really cute but I don't think that I can handle two boys trying to scare me EVERY day! :)

2. Yesterday as we were driving in the truck he out of nowhere just said, "Mommy, you look pretty." It was so sweet and just melted my heart.

3. Zach has taught him how to count to ten in spanish and he does a really good job. With a little prompting every once in awhile he says every number in order. It is so cute to hear his little voice and watch his little mouth say the numbers in spanish. You are so smart buddy!
Also, sometimes when Zach speaks spanish to Dakota or if you say a word he doesn't know he says, "Don't say that." Like it's not good or something.

4. Every morning in his sweetest little voice he says, "Good morning, mommy or daddy." He says it with so much happiness and enthusiasm. It is the best start to my day!

5. The other day he was playing at his best buddy's across the street, Tanner. Tanner's mom, Terra was making them some lunch and they were sitting at the table together. Tanner said, "Mommy....(and talked to her)." Dakota looks at Tanner and says, "That's not mommy! That's Terra!" Tanner didn't like that so much but Dakota did have a good point. :)

6. He LOVES his buzz lightyear pull-ups right now and he only gets to wear them when he goes in the potty. So now every time before he puts them on he tells them as he holds them up to his face, "Don't worry buzz. I won't get you dirty." (he still does but it is cute that he tells them that)

7. My parents live in Arizona and at least a few times a week Dakota tells me, "I'm going to Zona. I'll be right back." It is so cute that he remembers they are there and wants to go there. I wish we could just go and be right back too. :)

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  1. He is such a cute and happy kid! Yes, Grandparents are the best!!! :)