Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deer Hunt

So, because I am not good at all at keeping up with life...and Hiedi had already blogged about Zach's deer hunt adventure with Jake...I figured, why waste my time and retype it all. So thanks to Hiedi letting me steal this from her blog, here is Zach's good ole deer hunt story with his incredible friend Jake! Written from the words of Hiedi (Jake's cute little wife). Thanks Hiedi!!

Last year after the deer hunt, Jake and Zach were talking about it and Zach said he was going to put in for the hunt this year! Jake put in for mussel loader and Zach wanted to do Archery and we were all praying (and still are) that his vision would be back so that he could have the opportunity to shoot a deer himself. Well the hunt rolled around and Zach still hasn't gotten his vision back and so that meant Jake was going to be his hunting partner and the one to shoot it for him. Jake had a bow a little while back, but sold it to his brother JOsh because he hasn't gone Archery for 7 years, so Jake had to borrow Josh's bow so he could practice before the big hunt! Archery is about 4 weeks long, so they had good odds that they would get one during that time. We have a family friend that has property up on sunridge and so that is where they were planning to go. It didn't work out the way they were hoping (to stay in the family friends cabin for the weekend), but they did go up and would just drive home each morning or night that they would go. They ALWAYS have so much fun when they are TOGETHER and ALWAYS have the funniest stories when they would get home each day/night. They saw a nice 3 point there first night going up, Jake shot at it and missed. SHUCKS!! They were both bummed, but like I said had plenty of time to go back up and try and find it again. The next night they went up, spotted a 2 point, so he got out, shot at it, hit it, but they weren't able to find it after it ran off. The blood trail wasn't very good, so they had NO LUCK finding it. BUMMER again!! Well thursday night (the 2nd of sept) they went back up again, Jake wore different camo because he said his other stuff was bad luck and they spotted this deer with a doe and fawn and so Jake told Zach to walk up the hill and walk towards it so he would push it down the hill towards Jake so he could get a shot at it. Zach did, Jake shot and sure enough he hit it. Zach came back down to where Jake was not knowing that Jake had hit it and so Jake told him, well bud that was a good push!!! Zach replied, "did you shoot at it?" Jake: "yep" Zach: "did you hit it?" Jake: "sure did"!! I got that phone call at 9:30 when they were heading home and they were both so GIDDY, so I knew he got one (we both had a feeling he was going to get one that night and of course, I kept telling myself to send the camera and of course I FORGOT) It wasn't a very big one, but Zach told Jake from the get go, he didn't care how big it was, he just wanted him to shoot whatever so he could have some jerky!! Well, they got home and I came out and took pics of it before they headed out to Friedli's to skin and hang it. Here is the deer ( yep, it is a small one... BAMBI, ha ha)


Thanks Jake for being such a great friend!! (Tessie's words :) )
It still has its velvet on the ears, but HEY IT'S A DEER and now Zach gets his jerky he wants!! They had SOOoOOo much fun, like always and it was fun for them to go up like they did. I am so proud of Jake and know that Zach is grateful for such a good friend!! Jake would do anything for anyone and I am so grateful for that!! Him and Zach have been best friends over the years, but I think ever since things changed in his life last Aug, their friendship has become even better and they wouldn't want it any other way!!


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