Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PaRTy aNimAl

So last night Zach's cute grandparents had us over for some fish dinner, which was EXCELLENT!! Now I'm sure your wondering so why is this blog entitled PARTY ANIMAL...well, just take a look at this picture and you will see for yourself! :)
So they asked if Dakota would want to dance...you know how it's fun to watch kids dance. Well, none of us knew what we were in for when they turned on the music. Dakota just went crazy and seriously just danced FOREVER!! He pulled out moves I had never seen before and was just going crazy. Poor Grandma got roped into dancing with him and if she sat down he would run over to her, grab her hands, and say "dance grandma!" She was so cute to just keep dancing with him.

You have never seen moves like these before! His expression says it all!
He was the life of the party!

The other half of the night when the music was off, Dakota was LOVING Grandpa's boots. (For those of you who don't know...he LOVES cowboy boots and wears his most every day, no matter what the outfit is.) Grandpa's boots were so tall and heavy for him but it did not stop him from putting himself in them and getting out of them for a loooong time!

One foot...

Now the other...

Success!!! What a cute little cowboy!

He needed a little help to actually move around in them because of how heavy and awkward they were on him. He loved it though!

Two cute cowboys!!! Dakota LOVES his grandma and grandpa!

Thanks SO much for the fun night grandma and grandpa! We sure love you and are so grateful to have you in our lives!

Of course there is always more funny moments to add that I can't forget. (Probably boring to you all, but moments that make being a mom so much fun.)

The other day at breakfast he had his truck up at the table with him and was trying to feed his truck some of his oatmeal. He would say, "You want some truck? No, he doesn't" and then take the bite for himself. How sweet it was to share his scrumptious oatmeal breakfast!
"You want some?"

"No, he doesn't"
(And yes, cowboy hats are definitely needed for breakfast)

Lastly, so we are working on the potty training you know. He has some sweet Lightning McQueen pull-ups that he LOVES! So when we put them on every day I tell him, "Now don't get lightning dirty, he will be sad. Go in the big boy potty," Hoping this will give him some motivation. Instead, he now says after he messes in his "big boys," "Lightnings dirty. He's sad. (with a very sad face) I'm sorry Lightning." At least he says sorry...how can you get mad at that? I'm sure Lightning forgives him too!

That is all for today! :)


  1. SooO CUTE!! You've definetly got some FUN/PRECIOUS moments you don't wanna forget! Um.. the pic of Dakota with the glasses is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! I LOVE IT! He's gonna look back at that in 10 years and make you throw it away, but be sure to save it cause Hadlee girl NEEDS to see that before the big date! :) See you tomorrow night, its gonna be LOTS of fun!

  2. The Circus looks so fun! We've never gone
    :( !! As for those boots, so cute! Dakota is so stinkin cute!! Did you get the invite to our blog yet?

  3. That child makes me so happy! :) How did you get so lucky to have such a cute and sweet little boy?! Oh wait, because you deserve it and are such an amazing mother!